The Anarchist Cookbook

Framhliğ kápu
Ozark Press, 2002 - 160 síğur
This book will shock, it will disturb, it will provoke. It places in historical perspective an era when "Turn on, Burn down, Blow up" are revolutionary slogans of the day. Says the author "this book ... is not written for the members of fringe political groups, such as the Weatherman, or The Minutemen. Those radical groups don't need this book. They already knows everything that's in here. If the real people of America, the silent majority, are going to survive, they must educate themselves. That is the purpose of this book."

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LibraryThing Review

Umsögn notanda  - sgwinn82 - LibraryThing

Interesting book. I gave it 3 stars because I don't know how accurate it is. Explosives and booby traps are not my forte. I actually bought it at our local bookstore just to keep it out of the hands of some of the wackos that live here. 8| Read full review

Best book ever....but

Umsögn notanda  - Venus F. -

The eco.Green stuff is and was a load of bs. Even the greats werent immune to all the liers. Other than that this book should be up there with The Little Red Hen and The Emporors New Clothes. Read full review

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