Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Bindi 23

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Obituary notices of deceased fellows were included in v. 7-64; v. 75 is made up of "obituaries of deceased fellows, chiefly for the period 1898-1904, with a general index to previous obituary notices"; the notices have been continued in subsequent volumes as follows: v. 78a, 79b, 80a-b- 86a-b, 87a 88a-b.

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Síđa 441 - An Essay on the application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism...
Síđa 91 - TREVANDRUM OBSERVATIONS. OBSERVATIONS OF MAGNETIC DECLINATION MADE AT TREVANDRUM AND AGUSTIA MALLEY in the Observatories of his Highness the Maharajah of Travancore, GCSI, in the Years 1852 to 1860. Being Trevandrum Magnetical Observations, Volume I. Discussed and Edited by John Allan Brown, FRS, late Director of the Observatories.
Síđa 206 - Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. Tijdschrift voor Indische taal-, land- en volkenkunde, XXXV, 5.
Síđa 243 - ... per cent, of a reddish mud, consisting of silica, alumina, and the red oxide of iron. This experiment has been frequently repeated with different samples of Globigerina ooze, and always with the result that a small proportion of a red sediment remains, which possesses all the characters of the red clay.
Síđa 167 - PO, and still further agitated the flame /. Adding a third square, ef, the reflected sound was still further augmented, every accession to the echo being accompanied by a corresponding withdrawal of the vibrations from /' and a consequent stilling of that flame. With thinner calico or cambric, it would require a greater number of layers to intercept the entire sound ; hence with such cambric we should have echoes returned from a greater distance, and therefore of greater duration. Eight layers of...
Síđa 68 - God in the creation, or on the certainty of the resurrection of the dead proved by certain changes of the animal and vegetable parts of the creation.
Síđa 498 - I have made is in the method of ascertaining the original volumes of the gases before compression, which can now be known with much less labour and greater accuracy than by the method I formerly described. The lower ends of the glass tubes containing the gases dip into small mercurial reservoirs formed of thin glass tubes, which rest on ledges within the apparatus. This arrangement has prevented many failures in screwing up the apparatus, and has given more precision to the measurements. A great...
Síđa 70 - The PRESIDENT then delivered his Address, (p. 65.) It was proposed by Mr. LATHAM, seconded by Mr. FIELD, and resolved:— " That the thanks of the Society be given to the President for his Address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed in the Quarterly Journal of the Society.
Síđa 159 - Herschel described the head of the Comet of 1811 to be of a greenish or bluish-green colour, while the central point appeared to be of a pale ruddy tint. The representations of Halley's comet at its appearance in 1835, by the elder Struve, are coloured bluish green, and the nucleus on October 9 is coloured reddish-yellow.
Síđa 499 - It is remarkable, however, that the same packing, when an apparatus specially constructed for the purpose of forged iron was filled with mercury, always yielded, even at a pressure of 40 atmospheres, in the course of a few days. It is with regret that I am still obliged to give the pressures in atmospheres as indicated by an air- or hydrogen-manometer, without attempting for the present to apply the corrections required to reduce them to true pressures. The...

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