Book of Nonsense

Framhlið kápu
Independently Published, 22. feb. 2021 - 44 síður
Book Excerptf the West.29.There was an Old Man of the Wrekin,Whose shoes made a horrible creaking;But they said, "Tell us whether,Your shoes are of leather,Or of what, you Old Man of the Wrekin?"30.There was a Young Lady whose eyes,Were unique as to colour and size;When she opened them wide,People all turned aside,And started away in surprise.31.There was a Young Lady of Norway,Who casually sat in a doorway;When the door squeezed her flat,She exclaimed, "What of that?"This courageous Young Lady of Norway.32.There was an Old Man of Vienna,Who lived upon Tincture of Senna;When that did not agree,He took Camomile Tea,That nasty Old Man of Vienna.33.There was an Old Person whose habits,Induced him to feed upon Rabbits;When he'd eaten eighteen,He turned perfectly green,Upon which he relinquished those habits.34.There was an old person of Dover,

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