Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Bindi 28

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Taylor & Francis, 1879


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Síđa 366 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Síđa 63 - The PRESIDENT then delivered his Address, (p. 65.) It was proposed by Mr. LATHAM, seconded by Mr. FIELD, and resolved:— " That the thanks of the Society be given to the President for his Address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed in the Quarterly Journal of the Society.
Síđa 235 - PHYSICS. LESSONS IN ELEMENTARY PHYSICS. By "BALFOUR STEWART, FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy in Owens College, Manchester. With numerous Illustrations and Chromoliths of the Spectra of the Sun, Stars, and Nebulae.
Síđa 83 - Report, continues in action, and the improved form of the instrument, giving a separate record for every day, of the duration of sunshine, has been regularly worked throughout the year and its curves tabulated.
Síđa 517 - The terms in which the award was made express the results of his geological labours in Australia. The excessive heat of March, 1878, combined with the labour of preparing a new edition of " Sedimentary Formations of New South Wales," proved too much for Mr. Clarke's strength. He was seized with paralysis on the 16th of that month; and though he rallied, so VOL.
Síđa 159 - ... this latter being invariably thicker than the H lines in all photographs of the calcium spectrum, and remaining, moreover, visible in the spectrum of substances containing calcium in such small quantities as not to show any traces of the H lines. " How far this and similar variations between photographic records and the solar spectrum are due to causes incident to the photographic record itself, or to 'variations in the intensities of tbe various molecular 'vibrations under solar and terrestrial...
Síđa 389 - Instead, of rebounding after collision, as the nnelectrified drops of clean water generally or always do, the electrified drops coalesce, and thus the jet is no longer scattered about. When the electrical influence is more powerful, the repulsion between the drops is sufficient to prevent actual contact, and then of course there is no opportunity for amalgamation.
Síđa 293 - Report of the Council of Education upon the condition of the public schools and of the certified denominational schools for the year 1877.
Síđa 163 - It would be in accordance with analogy to suppose that as a rule the same would take place in an incandescent surface, though in this case the spectrum would be discontinuous instead of continuous. Thus if A, B, C, D, E denote conspicuous bright lines of increasing refrangibility, in the spectrum of the vapour, it might very well be that at a comparatively low temperature A should be the brightest and the most persistent ; at a higher temperature, while all were brighter than before, the relative...
Síđa 362 - Osservazioni Astronomiche e Fisiche sull'asse di rotazione e sulla topografia del pianeta Marte.

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