Historiography of Mathematics in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Framhliđ kápu
Volker R. Remmert, Martina R. Schneider, Henrik Kragh Sřrensen
Birkhäuser, 8. des. 2016 - 276 síđur

This book addresses the historiography of mathematics as it was practiced during the 19th and 20th centuries by paying special attention to the cultural contexts in which the history of mathematics was written.

In the 19th century, the history of mathematics was recorded by a diverse range of people trained in various fields and driven by different motivations and aims. These backgrounds often shaped not only their writing on the history of mathematics, but, in some instances, were also influential in their subsequent reception.

During the period from roughly 1880-1940, mathematics modernized in important ways, with regard to its content, its conditions for cultivation, and its identity; and the writing of the history of mathematics played into the last part in particular.

Parallel to the modernization of mathematics, the history of mathematics gradually evolved into a field of research with its own journals, societies and academic positions. Reflecting both

a new professional identity and changes in its primary audience, various shifts of perspective in the way the history of mathematics was and is written can still be observed to this day. Initially concentrating on major internal, universal developments in certain sub-disciplines of mathematics, the field gradually gravitated towards a focus on contexts of knowledge production involving individuals, local practices, problems, communities, and networks.

The goal of this book is to link these disciplinary and methodological changes in the history of mathematics to the broader cultural contexts of its practitioners, namely the historians of mathematics during the period in question.



1 Introductory Remarks
2 The History of Mathematics in the Progress of Mankind Modifying the Narrative Around 1800
3 Practicing History of Mathematics in Islamicate Societies in 19thCentury Germany and France
4 Mesopotamian Mathematics Seen from the Inside by Assyriologists and from the Outside by Historians of Mathematics
Biographies in the American Mathematical Monthly Around 1900
The Work of Sir Thomas L Heath 18611940
7 Otto Neugebauers Vision for Rewriting the History of Ancient Mathematics
The Making of a Concept and How It Has Fared in Later Years
9 Histories of Modern Mathematics in English in the 1940s 50s and 60s
10 Polycephalic Euclid? Collective Practices in Bourbakis History of Mathematics
How the Norwegian Outsider Johannes Lohne Came to Contribute to Mainstream History of Mathematics
12 Contextualizing Ungurus 1975 Attack on the Historiography of Ancient Greek Mathematics
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