The Book Collector's Guide: A Practical Handbook of British and American Bibliography

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Rosenbach Company, 1921 - 649 síđur
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Síđa 440 - A Platform of Church Discipline gathered out of the word of God: and agreed upon by the Elders; and Messengers of the Churches assembled in the Synod at Cambridge in New England to be presented to the Churches and General!
Síđa 517 - Proposals for an Association of those Philanthropists, who convinced of the inadequacy of the moral and political state of Ireland to produce benefits which are nevertheless attainable are willing to unite to accomplish its regeneration.
Síđa 409 - The ready and easy Way to establish a free Commonwealth, and the Excellence thereof, compared with the Inconveniences and Dangers of re-admitting Kingship in this Nation.
Síđa 516 - Kehama. by a GENTLEMAN of the University of Oxford. For assisting to maintain in Prison Mr. Peter Finnerty, imprisoned for a libel.
Síđa 501 - M. William Shak-speare: HIS True Chronicle Historic of the life and death of King LEAR and his three Daughters.
Síđa 595 - THE SECOND FUNERAL OF NAPOLEON ; in Three Letters to Miss Smith, of London, and The Chronicle of the Drum.
Síđa 519 - LAON AND CYTHNA; or, The Revolution of the Golden City. A Vision of the Nineteenth Century.
Síđa 520 - EPIPSYCHIDION. VERSES ADDRESSED TO THE NOBLE AND UNFORTUNATE LADY, EMILIA V , NOW IMPRISONED IN THE CONVENT OF . L'anima amante si slancia fuori del creato, e si crea nel infinite un Mondo tutto per essa, diverse assai da questo oscuro e pauroso baratro.
Síđa 121 - Poems, by ST Coleridge. Second edition — to which are now added Poems by Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd.
Síđa 513 - The First part of the Contention betwixt the two famous Houses of Yorke and Lancaster...

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