A System of Mechanical Philosophy, Bindi 4

Framhliđ kápu
J. Murray, 1822 - 50 síđur
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Síđa 353 - COMPASS, or the declination of the magnetic or mariner's needle from the meridian or true north and south line at the undermentioned places in the United Kingdom, estimated for the year 1875.
Síđa 209 - Elsewhere, Prof. Robison remarks : " It is not saying too much of this work to affirm that it contains almost everything we know of magnetism. His unwearied diligence in searching every writing on the subject and in getting information from navigators, and his incessant occupation in experiments, have left very few facts unknown to him. We meet with many things in the writings of posterior inquirers, some of them of high reputation and of the present day, which are published and received as notable...
Síđa 545 - PC, the tooth B continues to press on the pallet D, and thus accelerates the pendulum, both during its descent along the arch PH, and its ascent along the arch HG. It is no less evident, that when the pallet D, by turning round the axis XY, raises its point above the plane of the wheel, the tooth B escapes from it, and i drops on the pallet c, which is now nearly perpendicular. i presses c; to the right, and accelerates the motion of the pendulum along the arch GP.
Síđa 411 - We are sorry to see this ; because we have great expectations from the future labours of this gentjeman in the field of harmonics, and his late work is rich in refined and valuable matter. We presume humbly to recommend to him attention to his own admonitions to a very young and ingenious gentleman, who, he thinks, proceeded too far in animadverting on the writings of Newton, Barrow, and other eminent mathematicians.
Síđa 609 - Yet a ship is a machine. We know the forces which act on it, and we know the results of its construction — all these are as fixed as the laws of motion. What hinders this to be reduced to a set of practical maxims, as well founded and as logically deduced as the working of a steam-engine or a cotton-mill?
Síđa 676 - ... all shivering: For these sails, continuing to draw with considerable force, and balancing each other tolerably fore and aft, keep up the ship's velocity very much, and thus maintain the power of the rudder. If we now let all fly when the...
Síđa 613 - ... is precisely such as is stated in the theory. The principles of the art are therefore to be found in these treatises ; but false inferences have been drawn, by computing from erroneous quantities.
Síđa 657 - When this position is attained, note carefully the form of the rope, that is, the angle which its two parts make with the horizon. Call this angle a. Every...
Síđa 656 - We shall not be far mistaken in the deflection of each contiguous filament, as it quits the bottom and glides along the rudder ; but we neither know the velocity of these filaments, nor the deflection and velocity of the filaments gliding without them.
Síđa 665 - ... forward by removing a part of the bows out of the water. It has not always this effect ; for the form of the harping aloft is frequently such that the tendency to gripe is diminished by immersing more of the bow in the •water.

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