Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Bindi 28

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Taylor & Francis, 1879


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Síđa 284 - PHYSICS. LESSONS IN ELEMENTARY PHYSICS. By "BALFOUR STEWART, FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy in Owens College, Manchester. With numerous Illustrations and Chromoliths of the Spectra of the Sun, Stars, and Nebulae.
Síđa 126 - Like all other conjurors (says Sir David Brewster), the artist has contrived to make the observer deceive himself. The stamped figures on the back are used for this purpose. The spectrum in the luminous area is not an image of the figures on the back. The figures are a copy of the picture which the artist has drawn on the face of the mirror, and so concealed by polishing, that it is invisible in ordinary lights, and can be brought out only in the sun's rays.
Síđa 105 - Whether the aetherial waves actually strike the substance moved, or whether at that mysterious boundary-surface separating solid from gaseous matter there are intermediary layers of condensed gas which, taking up the blow, pass it on to the layer beneath, are problems the solution of which must be left to further research.
Síđa 372 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Síđa 296 - Report of the Council of Education upon the condition of the public schools and of the certified denominational schools for the year 1877.
Síđa 170 - They are as follows. In many photographs in which iron has been compared with other bodies, and in others again in which iron has been photographed as existing in different degrees of impurity in other bodies, these triplets have been seen almost alone, and the relative intensity of them, as compared with the few remaining lines, is greatly changed. In this these photographs resemble one I took three years ago, in which a large coil and jar were employed instead of the arc, which necessitated an...
Síđa 400 - ... derivation of the Mammalia from any of the Sauropsida. But, if we suppose the earliest forms of both the Mammalia and the Sauropsida to have had a common Amphibian origin, there is no difficulty in the supposition that, from the first, it was a left aortic arch in the one series, and the corresponding right aortic arch in the other, which became the predominant feeder of the arterial system.
Síđa 186 - The effects of this alteration of shape may be obtained by substituting for these variations of ellipticity two attractive or repulsive particles, one at the North Pole and the other at the South Pole of the earth. These particles must be supposed to wax and wane, so that when the real ellipticity of figure is greatest they have their maximum repulsive power, and when least they have their maximum attractive power ; and their positive and negative maxima are equal. We will now take the extreme case...
Síđa 163 - ... this latter being invariably thicker than the H lines in all photographs of the calcium spectrum, and remaining, moreover, visible in the spectrum of substances containing calcium in such small quantities as not to show any traces of the H lines. " How far this and similar variations between photographic records and the solar spectrum are due to causes incident to the photographic record itself, or to variations in the intensities of the various molecular vibrations under solar and terrestrial...
Síđa 404 - When n feebly electrified body is brought into its neighbourhood, the jet undergoes a remarkable transformation, and appears to become coherent ; but under more powerful electrical action the scattering becomes even greater than at first. The second effect is readily attributed to the mutual repulsion of the electrified drops, but the action of feeble electricity in producing apparent coherence has been a mystery hitherto.

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