Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

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Síđa 400 - All sheep and oxen : yea, and the beasts of the field ; The fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea : and whatsoever walketh through the paths of the seas.
Síđa 403 - WINCHELL -PREADAMITES: or, A Demonstration of the Existence of Men before Adam ; together with a Study of their Condition, Antiquity, Racial Affinities, and Progressive Dispersion over the Earth. With Charts and other Illustrations. By ALEXANDER WINCHELL, LL. D., Prof- of Geology and Palaeontology in the University of Michigan ; Author of " Sketches of Creation,
Síđa 543 - They now are seen to resemble a luxuriant garden, which contains the greatest variety of productions, in different nourishing beds; and one advantage we may at least reap from it is, that we can, as it were, extend the range of our experience to an immense duration.
Síđa 209 - The photometer consists of a horizontal telescope pointing to the west, and having two objectives. By means of two prisms mounted in front of the telescope, the pole star is reflected into one object-glass, and the star to be measured into the other. The cones of light are made to coincide by a double-image prism, the extra images being cut off by an eye-stop. The star to be measured is thus seen in the same field with the pole star, with the same aperture and magnifying power.
Síđa 485 - Such a vessel filled with any number of perfect liquids, would be emptied in the same time — whatever their specific gravity. As at any given horizon, inertia is directly proportional to gravity, the heavier the liquid the greater would be the power required to move it; but the motive power would be in proportion to the pressure, or in other words to the weight, and therefore all perfect liquids should issue from the same orifice with the same velocity. To test this proposition, eight fluid ounces...
Síđa 140 - Fisheries required that the person to be appointed should be a civil officer of the Government, of proved scientific and practical acquaintance with the fishes of the coast, to serve without additional salary.
Síđa 141 - Man being one of the chief destroyers of fish, his influence upon their abundance nmst be studied. Fishery methods and apparatus must be examined and compared with those of other lands, that the use of those which threaten the destruction of useful fishes may be discouraged, and that those which are inefficient may be replaced by others more serviceable. Statistics of industry and trade must be secured for the use of Congress in making treaties or imposing tariffs, to show to producers the best markets,...
Síđa 150 - Institution, and for this purpose, and for the entire expense of the foundation and pedestal of the monument, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Síđa 147 - Colombia was, by reason of her own delay, to be placed in the "more advantageous" position of claiming not merely the compensation to be paid by the United States for the privilege of completing the canal, but also the...
Síđa 555 - ... it is most probably also inhabited, like the rest of the planets, by beings whose organs are adapted to the peculiar circumstances of that vast globe.

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