Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Bindi 23

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Síđa 431 - An Essay on the application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism...
Síđa 188 - Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. Tijdschrift voor Indische taal-, land- en volkenkunde, XXXV, 5.
Síđa 223 - ... per cent, of a reddish mud, consisting of silica, alumina, and the red oxide of iron. This experiment has been frequently repeated with different samples of Globigerina ooze, and always with the result that a small proportion of a red sediment remains, which possesses all the characters of the red clay.
Síđa 66 - God in the creation, or on the certainty of the resurrection of the dead proved by certain changes of the animal and vegetable parts of the creation.
Síđa 34 - They are more abundant and of a larger size in warmer seas; several varieties, attaining a large size and presenting marked varietal characters, are found in the intertropical area of the Atlantic. In the latitude of Kerguelen they are less numerous and smaller, while further south they are still more dwarfed, and only one variety, the typical Globigerina bulloides, is represented.
Síđa 63 - Council : namely, the trustees propose annually to entertain the question of placing at the disposal of the Council of the Royal Society to be expended in grants to men of proved ability in scientific research, but who, from their limited pecuniary means, are precluded from prosecuting inquiries of great interest by the necessity of devoting to remunerative work the time they would wish to devote to such inquiries ; the Council of the Society to undertake on their part to recommend to the...
Síđa 151 - French philosophers ; but on no occasion did the gun-sounds produce echoes approaching to 20 or 25 seconds' duration. The time rarely reached half this amount. Even the syren-echoes, which were more remarkable and more long-continued than those of the gun, never reached the duration of the Montlhery echoes. The nearest approach to it was on the 17th of October, 1873, when the syren-echoes required 15 seconds to subside into silence. On this same day, moreover (and this is a point of marked significance),...
Síđa 49 - The icebergs, when they are first dispersed, float in from 200 to 250 fathoms. When, therefore, they have been drifted to latitudes of 65" or 64° S., the bottom of the berg just reaches the layer at which the temperature of the water is distinctly rising, and it is rapidly melted, and the mud and pebbles with which it is more or less charged are precipitated. That this precipitation takes place all over the area where the icebergs are breaking up, constantly, and to a considerable extent...
Síđa 357 - To the extremity of each arm is fastened a thin disk of pith, lampblacked on one side, the black surfaces facing the same way. The whole is enclosed in a glass globe, which is then exhausted to the highest attainable point and hermetically sealed.
Síđa 44 - It is clear that these shells must fall in equal numbers upon the red clay, but scarcely a trace of one of them is ever brought up by the dredge on the red clay area. It might be possible to explain the absence of shellsecreting animals living on the bottom, on the supposition that the nature of the deposit was injurious to them ; but then the...

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