Mineralogy and Chemistry

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John P. Morton and Company, 1873 - 401 síđur

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Síđa 328 - ... the body of it presents the form of an irregular, slightly oblique, rhomboidal prism. The upper end, however, is not well defined, but runs up to one side in a flattened protuberance, giving the entire specimen a form approaching roughly an oblique pyramid. The length from the base to the apex is 4Ł inches.
Síđa 204 - In all my experiments, the protoxide of nitrogen constituted from seven-eighths to twenty-four-twenty-fifths of the gaseous products, and when washed from its chlorine by a little lime-water or soda, possessed all the properties of pure protoxide of nitrogen, and I would recommend it as a convenient way of forming this gas, especially when not required for respiration. The character of the decomposition which takes place, is somewhat curious and unexpected. At first, I supposed that the decomposition...
Síđa 150 - The gneissic strata of the tract embracing this group of lead-bearing veins seem to differ in no essential features from the rest of the formation ranging eastward and westward through this belt of country. Here, as elsewhere, they consist chiefly of soft...
Síđa 204 - ... of it to every gramme of sal-ammoniac supposed to exist in the liquid ; a little habit will suffice to guide one in adding the nitric acid, as even a large excess has no effect on the accuracy of the analysis.
Síđa 204 - It is no advantage to push the decomposition with too great rapidity ; a moderately warm place on the sand-bath is best adapted for this purpose. With proper precautions, the heat can be continued, and the contents of the flask evaporated to dryness in that vessel ; but it is more judicious to pour the contents of the flask, after the liquid has been reduced to...
Síđa 258 - I then also stated, that although a boiling solution of an alkali might not react upon cholesterine, still I had no doubt that the alkali by itself, aided with a high temperature, would react upon it in a manner similar to that which it did upon spermaceti. From the kindness of M. Pelouze, who furnished me with a small quantity of cholesterine, I have been able to examine into the truth of this supposition. The first circumstance necessary to be observed in the examination of this reaction, is to...
Síđa 23 - Naxos furnished for several centuries almost exclusively the emery used in the arts, as much from the facility with which it was obtained as for the uniformity of its quality. The emery exists in very great abundance on this island, and notwithstanding the quantity already extracted there still remain immense deposits of it. The price of this substance at the end of the last century was from forty to fifty dollars per ton, and between 1820 and 1835 it was at times even less.
Síđa 205 - By this operation, which requires no superintendence, one hundred grammes of sal ammoniac might be separated as easily and safely as one gramme from five milligrammes of alkalies, and no loss of the latter be experienced. What remains in the capsule occupies a very small bulk. This is now dissolved in the capsule with a little water (the funnel must be washed with a little water), small quantities of a solution of carbonate of ammonia added, and the solution gently evaporated nearly to dryness.
Síđa 151 - W. ; and what is equally worthy of note, they dip, with scarcely an exception, towards the same quarter, or southeastwardly, though in some instances so steeply as to approach the perpendicular. " There is no marked difference in the general character of the vein-stones of the several mineral lodes, nor any features to distinguish as a class those of the red shale from those of the gneiss.
Síđa 301 - ... steel in a state of incandescence in a stream of oxygen gas. They were observed on a clear night at different distances ; and the body of light (without the bordering rays) compared with the disk of the moon, then nearly full, at 45° above the horizon.

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