Views of Ancient Egypt since Napoleon Bonaparte: Imperialism, Colonialism and Modern Appropriations

Framhliđ kápu
David Jeffreys
Routledge, 16. jún. 2016 - 239 síđur
This book addresses some of the main themes of the study of Egypt during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In a combination of case studies and discursive chapters, the status of Egypt as an important example of traditional Asian scholarship, and as an ancient model of imperialism itself, is examined. Contributions range from studies of nineteenth century antiquarianism, and the collecting of Egyptian antiquities as an extension of the territorial ambitions and rivalries of the European powers, to explorations of how Egypt is understood and interpreted in contemporary societies. Views of Ancient Egypt also considers the way in which Ancient Egypt has been adopted by less privileged members of some societies as a cultural icon of past greatness.

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Sir William Gell and the Development of Egyptology
Ancient Egypt and Spain
Egypt and the Diffusion of Culture
from Rostovtzeff to Rhetoric
Ancient Egypt and the Archaeology of the Disenfranchised

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