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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883


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Síđa clvii - I call therefore a complete and generous education, that which fits a man to perform justly, skilfully, and magnanimously all the offices, both private and public, of peace and war.
Síđa cclxviii - ... in consideration of the imperative need of immediate action in this regard, I recommend that the whole or a portion of the net proceeds arising from the sale of public lands be set aside as a special fund, the interest of said fund to be divided annually pro rata among the several States and Territories and the District of Columbia, under such provisions in regard to amount, allotment, expenditure, and supervision as Congress in its wisdom may deem fit and proper.
Síđa clxxi - The dexterity that comes from practice can be reached as quickly after the twelve days' instruction as after the two or more years spent as an apprentice under the adverse circumstances spoken of above. The plan here is to give to the student the fundamental principles in such lessons as will teach them most clearly, and give practice enough in the shortest time to acquire a knowledge of the different kinds of tools and various ways of using them. For instance, if a man can make a small article in...
Síđa cxciv - Total yearly expenditures for salaries and incidental expenses (711 libra- 742, 275 ries reporting). It should be noted, however, that the figures for these items are but approximately true for the libraries of the country, inasmuch as they do not include the very considerable increase of the 3,647 libraries embraced in the Special Report on Public Libraries or the increase of the 76 libraries embraced in the Commissioner's Report for 1376, from the dates thereof to the present time.
Síđa 49 - The common schools of the State shall be taught in the English language; and the Trustee shall provide to have taught in them orthography, reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, English grammar, physiology, history of the United States, and good behavior, and such other branches of learning and other languages as the advancement of the pupils may require and the Trustees from time to time direct.
Síđa cclxviii - ... and in view of the special difficulties in the way of establishing and maintaining therein schools for universal education, and in consideration of the imperative need of immediate action in this regard, I recommend that the whole or a portion...
Síđa cclxix - An increase of the permanent force of the Office. The experience of the Office indicates clearly that the collection of educational information, and publication of the same, as required by the law regulating it, cannot be properly done with the present limited clerical force.
Síđa 107 - every encouragement be given to the serious, impartial, and unbiassed investigation of Christian truth, and that no assent to the peculiarities of any denomination of Christians shall be required either of the instructors or students.
Síđa cclxxiii - ... of interesting Information from other than official sources may be given, with a reference to the quarter from which it is derived. In such cases, however, the effort is always made to verify the statement before it is committed to tbe press.
Síđa cclxix - The enactment of a law requiring that all facts in regard to national aid to education and all facts in regard to education in the Territories and the District of Columbia necessary for the information of Congress, be presented through this Office. For the purpose of enabling the Government to meet its responsibilities with respect to the education of the people in the Territories, I recommend that the office of superintendent of public instruction for each Territory be created, to be filled...

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