Early Greece

Framhliđ kápu
HarperCollins UK, 19. des. 2013 - 368 síđur

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Within the space of three centuries, up to the great Persian invasion of 480BC, Greece was transformed from a simple peasant society into a sophisticated civilisation which dominated the shores of the Mediterranean from Spain to Syria and from the Crimea to Egypt - a culture whose achievements in the fields of art, science, philosophy and politics were to establish the canons of the Western world. The author of this book places this development in the context of Mediterranean civilisation, providing an account of the transformation that launched Western culture.



Introduction to the Fontana History of the Ancient World
Myth Historyand Archaeology II Sources
the Economy XIV The Comingof the Persians XV The Leadership of Greece Sparta and Athens
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OSWYN MURRAY was born in 1937 and educated at Marlborough College and Exeter College, Oxford. He was Junior Research Fellow of St Edmund Hall, Oxford (1962–7) and Senior Research Fellow in the Classical Tradition at the Warburg Institute, London (1967–8). Since 1968 he has been Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History at Balliol College, Oxford. He has held visiting professorships at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Paris, the British School at Rome, and Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania. He is an editor of The Oxford History of the Classical World (Oxford, 1986), and of a number of other books, notably Sympotica: a Symposium on the Symposion (Oxford, 1990) and, with Simon Price, The Greek City from Homer to Alexander (Oxford, 1990).

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