Belief and Bloodshed: Religion and Violence Across Time and Tradition

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James K. Wellman
Rowman & Littlefield, 2007 - 271 síđur
Intended for students as well as scholars of religion and violence, Belief and Bloodshed discusses how the relationship between religion and violence is not unique to a post-9/11 world_it has existed throughout all of recorded history and culture. The book makes clear the complex interactions between religion, violence, and politics to show that religion as always innocent or always evil is misguided, and that rationalizations by religion for political power and violence are not new. Chronologically organized, the book shows religiously motivated violence across a variety of historical periods and cultures, moving from the ancient to medieval to the modern world, ending with an essay comparing the speeches of an ancient king to the speeches of the current U.S. President.

From inside the book


Religion and Violence Past Present and Future
Divine Violence in the Ancient Near East
Ritual Rhetoric

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Um höfundinn (2007)

James Wellman is associate professor in the Comparative Religion Program at the University of Washington.

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