Journal of the Chemical Society, Bindi 115,Hluti 1

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"Titles of chemical papers in British and foreign journals" included in Quarterly journal, v. 1-12.


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Síđa 399 - One of the most interesting documents of the war is the second report on costs and efficiencies for HM factories controlled by the Department of Explosives Supplies, which has been recently issued. This report contains a minute analysis of the working costs for each period of each factory engaged...
Síđa 428 - FELKIN, HM— Technical Education in a Saxon Town. Published for the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education.
Síđa 434 - THE sub-title of this book describes the contents as " an outline of the methods used for determining the meaning and value of quantitative observations and experiments in physics and chemistry, and for reducing the results obtained.
Síđa 704 - Van Nostrand's Chemical Annual. A HANDBOOK OF USEFUL DATA FOR ANALYTICAL, MANUFACTURING, AND INVESTIGATING CHEMISTS, AND CHEMICAL STUDENTS. Edited by John C. Olsen, MA, Ph.D., Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn; with the co-operation of Eminent Chemists.
Síđa 4 - ... change of radioactive substances. It is only in the latter case, however, that the electron can be regarded as a primordial constituent and the change as transmutational. Even to-day it is in radioactive phenomena, and in these alone, that the limits reached long ago in the chemical analysis of matter have been overstepped and the Rubicon, which a century ago Prout vaulted over so lightly in imagination, has actually been crossed by science.
Síđa 403 - In this connexion it is interesting to notice what is happening in the United States. Immediately after her entry into the war America initiated a census of chemists, and in July, 1917, a fully detailed description was available of some 15,000 chemists resident in the States; a research staff consisting of 1200 technical men with appropriate assistance was enlisted for the Research Division of the Chemical Warfare Service alone. Since America was only in the war for about eighteen months this powerful...
Síđa 496 - It melted at 109 — 110°, the same as ^/-oscine, whilst a mixture of the two showed no depression of the melting point.
Síđa 704 - FRS, President, in the Chair. The PRESIDENT referred to the loss sustained by the Society, through death, of : Elected.
Síđa 23 - ... Isobaric isotopes of the character in question can only at present be distinguished if they are unstable and break up further, but they must be taken into account in any theoretical conception we form of the ultimate structure of matter. The accomplishment of artificial transmutation would reveal them it they existed, and the discovery of any new property, like radio-activity, concerned with the nucleus of the atom rather than its external shell, might also be the means of revealing differences...
Síđa 704 - President, in the Chair. THE PRESIDENT referred to the loss sustained by the Society through the death, on October igth.

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