The World of Comets

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S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1877 - 548 síđur
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Síđa 479 - We could tell, for example, the number of degrees which this amount of heat would impart to a globe of water equal to the earth in size. Mayer and...
Síđa 512 - A combustion irresistible, all devouring, omni-prevalent, immediate ; — the entire fulfilment, in all their minute and terrible details, of the fiery and horror-inspiring denunciations of the prophecies of the Holy Book. ' Why need I paint, Charmion, the now disenchained frenzy of mankind ? That tenuity in the comet which had previously inspired us with hope, was now the source of the bitterness of despair. In its impalpable gaseous character we clearly perceived the consummation of Fate. Meantime...
Síđa 26 - So spake the grisly terror, and in shape, So speaking: and so threatening, grew tenfold More dreadful and deform : on the other side, Incensed with indignation, Satan stood Unterrified, and like a comet burned, That fires the length of Ophiuchus huge In the arctic sky, and from his horrid hair Shakes pestilence and war.
Síđa 265 - I could only get four comparisons with an anonymous star, it had moved forward 2"~5 in four minutes, and that settled its being the right object. I recorded it as " Circular; bright, with a decided nucleus, but no tail, and about 45
Síđa 102 - Wherefore if according to what we have already said it should return again about the year 1758, candid posterity will not refuse to acknowledge that this was first discovered by an Englishman.
Síđa 12 - Seneca also expressed the opinion that some comets portend mischief: ' Some comets,' he said, 'are very cruel and portend the worst misfortunes ; they bring with them and leave behind them the seeds of blood and slaughter.
Síđa 265 - Just about 17|h. mean time a brief blue space enabled me to find Biela, and though I could only get four comparisons with an anonymous star, it had moved forward 2.5 s.
Síđa 457 - Je viens vous annoncer une grande nouvelle. Nous l'avons en dormant, Madame, échappé belle : Un monde prčs de nous a passé tout du long, Est chu tout au travers de notre tourbillon; Et s'il eűt en chemin rencontré notre terre, Elle eűt été brisée en morceaux comme verre.
Síđa 349 - When the slit was brought back past the nucleus on to the commencement of the tail, the gaseous spectrum became rapidly fainter, until, at a short distance from the nucleus, the continuous spectrum predominated so strongly that the middle band only, which is the brightest, could be detected on it. We have presented to us, therefore, by the light of the comet three spectra : — 1. The spectrum of bright bands. 2. The continuous spectrum of the nucleus. 3. The continuous spectrum which accompanies...
Síđa 475 - We see why the animals and plants of the south may have existed in the climates of the north, where their relics and impressions are still to be found. Lastly, it explains the short period of the existence of the moral world, whose earliest monuments do not go much farther back than three thousand years.

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