Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Bindi 13

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Taylor & Francis, 1864


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Síđa 515 - The PRESIDENT then delivered his Address, (p. 65.) It was proposed by Mr. LATHAM, seconded by Mr. FIELD, and resolved:— " That the thanks of the Society be given to the President for his Address, and that he be requested to allow it to be printed in the Quarterly Journal of the Society.
Síđa 337 - Parnallee). It is of a claret or brownish colour, and possesses the characteristic structure and optical properties of artificial glasses. Some isolated portions of meteorites have also a structure very similar to that of stony lavas, where the shape and mutual relations of the crystals to each other prove that they were formed in situ, on solidification.
Síđa 196 - ... stripe. So you see that the primary direction of the visual line is completely fixed, and that the eye, which wants only to glance for an instant at a peripheral point of the drawing, and then goes back again to the centre, is not fatigued. This method of finding the primary position of the eye proves at the same time that vertical and horizontal lines keep their vertical or horizontal position in the field of vision when the eye is moved from its primary direction vertically or horizontally;...
Síđa iv - First Analysis of 177 Magnetic Storms registered by the Magnetic Instruments in the Royal Observatory. Greenwich, from 1841 to 1857.
Síđa 340 - In the jelly itielf, the specific contraction in question, or tynceresis, still proceeds, causing separation of water, with the division into a clot and serum ; and ending in the production of a hard stony mass, of vitreous structure, which may be anhydrous, or nearly so, when the water is allowed to escape by evaporation.
Síđa 30 - I may, perhaps, be permitted to allude for a moment to the peculiar interest with which I must naturally regard the proposed undertaking. The measurement of an arc of the meridian at Spitzbergen is an enterprise which, nearly forty years ago, was a cherished project of my own, which I had planned the means of executing, and which I ardently desired to be permitted to carry out personally.
Síđa 168 - C. But the periods of water have already been proved to be extra-red — hence those of the hydrogen flame must be extra-red also. The absorption by dry air of the heat emitted by a platinum spiral raised to incandescence by electricity was found to be insensible. while that by the ordinary undried air was 6 per cent.
Síđa 344 - ... liquefied and have its energy restored by contact with a very moderate amount of alkali. The latter change is gradual, 1 part of caustic soda, dissolved in 10,000 water, liquefying 200 parts of silicic acid (estimated dry) in 60 minutes at 100° C.
Síđa 276 - This shows that the effect of variations of density in the crust must be very great, in order to bring about this near compensation. In fact the density of the crust beneath the mountains must be less than that below the plains, and still less than that below the ocean-bed.
Síđa 280 - In fact the testimony of these coast-stations is in some degree directly in favour of the theory, as they seem to indicate, by excess of attraction towards the sea, that the contraction of the crust beneath the ocean has gone on increasing in some instances still further since the crust became too thick to be influenced by the principles of floatation, and that an additional flow of water into the increasing hollow has increased the amount of attraction upon stations on its shores.

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