Biblioteca Americana: A Catalogue of Books Relating to the History and Literature of America ...

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Puttich and Simpson, 1861 - 273 síđur
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Síđa 92 - Bucaniers of America; or, a True Account of the Most Remarkable Assaults Committed of late Years upon the Coasts of THE WEST INDIES, By the BUCANIERS of Jamaica and Tortuga, Both ENGLISH AND FRENCH.
Síđa 178 - A Platform of Church Discipline gathered out of the word of God: and agreed upon by the Elders; and Messengers of the Churches assembled in the Synod at Cambridge in New England to be presented to the Churches and General!
Síđa 136 - The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay down 10s. in the pound, if required, in part payment of the purchasemoney, in default of which the lot or lots purchased to be immediately put up again and re-sold.
Síđa 136 - The sale of any illustrated book, lot of prints or drawings is not to be set aside on account of any error in the enumeration of the numbers stated, or error of description.
Síđa 95 - The Federalist: A Collection of Essays, Written in Favour of the New Constitution, As Agreed Upon by the Federal Convention, September 17, 1787.
Síđa 145 - Fourth) to the People of England, on the Conduct of the M rs in Alliances, Fleets and Armies, since the first Differences on the Ohio, to the taking of Minorca by the French, hf.
Síđa 194 - CONGRESS. —Extracts From the Votes and Proceedings Of the American Continental Congress, Held at Philadelphia on the 5th of September 1774.
Síđa 203 - The History of Pennsylvania, in North America, from the Original Institution and Settlement of that Province, under the first Proprietor and Governor William Penn, in 1681, till after the Year 1742, with an Introduction, respecting The Life of W.
Síđa 68 - Esq. to its Latest Period of Amity with Great Britain ; including a description of the country, And many curious and interesting Anecdotes.
Síđa 21 - Compiled from Papers and other Materials of the Right Honourable George Lord Anson, and published under his Direction. By RICHARD WALTER, MA, Chaplain of His Majesty's Ship the Centurion, in that Expedition.

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