Emilie Du Chatelet: Daring Genius of the Enlightenment

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Penguin Books, 2007 - 376 sÝ­ur
The captivating biography of the French aristocrat who balanced the demands of her society with passionate affairs of the heart and a brilliant life of the mind

Although today she is best known for her fifteen-year liaison with Voltaire, Gabrielle Emilie le Tonnelier de Breteuil, Marquise Du ChÔtelet (1706-1749) was more than a great man's mistress. After marrying a marquis at the age of eighteen, she proceeded to fulfill the prescribed-and delightfully frivolous-role of a French noblewoman of her time. But she also challenged it, conducting a highly visible affair with a commoner, writing philosophical works, and translating Newton's Principia while pregnant by a younger lover. With the sweep of Galileo's Daughter, Emilie Du ChÔtelet captures the charm, glamour, and brilliance of this magnetic woman.

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For Women’s History Month; a rather sad story. Before the women’s movement, Gabrielle Emilie le Tonnelier de Breteuil, Marquise Du ChÔtelet was remembered as Voltaire’s mistress (if remembered at all ... Read full review

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I read parts of this biography & then decided I had better books to read. Perhaps I just got too annoyed at La Marquise & her milieu. Granted, in 18th century France, only a wealthy, high-status ... Read full review

Um h÷fundinn (2007)

Judith P. Zinsser is co-author of the landmark two-volume history of European women, A History of Their Own, and teaches at Miami University in Ohio. A recognized expert on the Marquise Du ChÔtelet, she was featured in October on the PBS Nova special Einstein's Big Idea.

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