Some Mistakes of Moses

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Independently Published, 12. des. 2019 - 122 síður
Some Mistakes of Moses, was written by American writer, orator, and proponent of Freethought and agnosticism Robert Green Ingersoll, and originally published in 1897.The work is a popular lecture which asks questions of the veracity of the Pentateuch, and questions the mysteries of the scripture from Creation through to the Egyptian Captivity. Ingersoll seriously believed that the alleged divine origins of the Bible were not sufficient reason for a suspension of critical judgement. His invective against Old Testament is a call for reason, as he feared that when the Bible was read as truth rather than as a collection of fables, mankind would destroy itself in its attempt to follow the teachings of Moses to the letter. Ingersoll strongly believed that the most important belief one can have is belief in man. "Theology is a superstition - Humanity is a religion".

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