The Professor's Daughter

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Big Bang Productions LLC, 2010 - 238 síđur
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"The Professor's Daughter" is a fictional memoir about an eccentric professor who's been a non-conformist his entire career. After his wife's death, he tries to re-establish his relationship with his estranged daughter, Athena. She wants to know about her father's secret life that he lived apart from both her and her mother. Reluctantly, the professor tells Athena about the other women in his life through stories filled with passion, humor and irreverence. In writing what he calls a "fictional memoir", Gamow knows that there is always a risk that friends and family might take offense. However, his aim is to explore the mysteries of romance and have a good-natured laugh at the wild chemistry created when mixing men, women and love. "The Professor's Daughter" is a fictionalized memoir in which the life and loves of a recently widowed professor are recounted to his estranged daughter. Drawn home by the death of her mother, Athena must confront her father and the memories of the night years ago that pushed them apart. In the telling of "his side of the story," the professor tells of the many loves in his life, and expounds on his unique perspective on romantic love. Gamow's extensive experience in film is evident in this narrative, which is filled with vibrant characters, crisp dialogue, and a well developed sense of scene. A highly entertaining read, with a flare for the risqué."

- Stephanie Walker, Literary Editor, Boulder, Colorado

"I am both shocked and enthralled after reading The Professor's Daughter! Like a number of his heroes: Watson and Crick, Einstein, and Charles Darwin, the controversial Professor Gamow has turned heads and ruffled feathers with a surprising new publication. I have known him over the past twelve years as a teacher, mentor, research partner, and friend. Nothing could have prepared me for this revealing "memoir," which sheds an interesting light on a man with an extremely divisive history. I have long been inspired by Professor Gamow's quixotic idealism, but this book will cause many to question whether or not he has gone too far. I highly recommend this read as it places an interesting twist on decades of rumors, hearse, and speculation." - Aaron M. Shupp, MD Candidate, University of Colorado School of Medicine

"In typical Gamowian fashion, this book entertains while stretching the imagination with both humor and innovation." - Gino Segre, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania and Author of "Faust in Copenhagen"

"Gamow paints a picture that will leave the reader questioning just how much is real. The dialogue is crisp and believable, making the story an easy read..." "The change in point of view is smooth and easy to follow. Gamow leads the reader to an almost instant empathy with Athena. Like her, the reader is waiting for her father to prove himself. The plot moves smoothly from the time she hears of her mother's death, goes home and reconnects with those who influenced her childhood; and as her father returns to tell his story. The unexpected ending leaves the reader wondering." Pat Avery ForeWord Clarion Reviews


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Igor Gamow dropped out of high school to become a ballet dancer with the National Ballet Company. His father was George Gamow, the renowned Russian physicist who developed the Big Bang Theory of the Universe. At the age of twenty-two, Igor returned to academia to study bio-physics and went on to become a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Colorado. His research lead to numerous inventions in the field of bionics, including the well-known Gamow Bag, the portable hyperbaric chamber that has saved countless lives in the world of mountaineering. Gamow created "The Adventures of Mr. Tompkins" video series based on the award winning book series written by his father. The Tompkin's series is also now available as an iPad App and a science comic book series. An avid horseman, Igor lives in Boulder with his wife, Elfriede. This is his first novel.

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