The Lovers

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Orion, 20. ágú. 2012 - 201 síður
3 Gagnrýni
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Escaping the religious tyranny of a 31st-century Earth by a fluke assignment to the planet of Ozagen, linguist Hal Yarrow found that the worst of Earth had followed him - Pornsen, his personal Guardian Angel, vigilant for any evidence of sin or wrong thinking.

Conditioned by a lifetime of submission, Yarrow would have accepted Pornsen's constant spying as an unpleasant necessity, had it not been for Jeanette, the beautiful but dangerously different fugitive he found hiding in the ancient ruins...

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Reviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identified

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[The Lovers] - Philip José Farmer The lovers was originally a novella published in 1952 in the pulp science fiction magazine Startling Stories. It was Farmer's first literary success winning the Hugo ... Read full review

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Hal Yarrow is a linguist sent to the newly discovered planet Ozgan, where another sentient species lives. He has led a repressed and unhappy life. But on Ozgan, he realizes that his tyranical religion ... Read full review

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Philip José Farmer (1918 - 2009)
Philip José Farmer was born in Indiana in 1918. Although he once said he resolved to become a writer in the fourth grade, it wasn't until 1952 that his first SF was published - the novella 'The Lovers', which won him the Hugo Award for Most Promising New Author. Although best known for his Riverworld sequence, beginning with the Hugo Award-winning To Your Scattered Bodies Go, Farmer also pioneered the use of sexual and religious themes in SF and wrote several novels reworking the lore of celebrated pulp heroes such as Tarzan and Doc Savage. He also wrote the tongue-in-cheek Venus on the Half-Shell using the pseudonym 'Kilgore Trout', a character who appeared in several Kurt Vonnegut novels. Philip José Farmer won three Hugos, a World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement and the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award. He died in 2009.

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